OK, so the video is a bit tough to see, but you can hear Matt Kuchar clearly. As he strips down, Kuchar does his best Ron Burgundy imitation and lets everyone at Gary Woodland's wedding know of an important breaking-news announcement: "CANNONBALL!!!"

LoadingView on InstagramIn case you're not familiar with this classic scene from the movie Anchorman, here you go:

Such an aggressive move. We love it. And it appears the groom and at least a couple guests who followed suit and jumped into the pool did as well.

Other than the Kuchar-led shenanigans, it appears Woodland's wedding in Turks and Caicos over the weekend was a beautiful, tasteful affair.

LoadingView on InstagramCongrats to Gary and his bride. And Matt, you have an open invite to any party we throw -- especially if there's a pool.